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Every July, downtown Montreal becomes a veritable circus as the city comes alive with radiant illumination, thunderous cheers, uproarious laughter, and delighted madness.

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Founded in 1983, Montreal’s Just For Laughs Festival has progressed and expanded immensely from its origins into the largest international comedy festival in the world. Two decades following the inauguration of the festival, Just For Laughs has expanded with sister festivals in Chicago, Toronto, and France.

During the dates of the festival, nothing seems to have changed in the city during the day. The city goes through its daily routine, and nothing seems out of the ordinary.
But at night, the true circus begins.

Acrobats, pantomimes, fire-breathers, and musical performers are scattered throughout the city as the world’s best comedians show off their skills and talents. Household names and newcomers hoping with every fiber of their beings to make a name for themselves in the world of comedy all unite for the momentous occasion.

Not only is Montreal’s Just For Laughs Festival an ideal opportunity to immerse one’s self into the power of comedy but, for booking agents, talents scouts, and managers, the festival is the perfect place to discover the future of comedy. Indeed, many of today’s most well-known comedians, such as Russell Peters, Bill Maher, Kevin Hart and more, were catapulted into superstardom following gigs at the Just For Laughs Festival. That’s the beauty of the festival; you could be watching the next big name in comedy performing in front of you without even knowing it!

Aside from the street art and stand-up performances, as well as the crowded cafes, theatres, nightclubs, and boutiques located between the theatres, the festival also boasts a film portion. The film festival highlights short films and other features at the historic Imperial Theatre. Past screenings includes the hit Pineapple Express.

This year, big names are coming to the circus! Russell Peters, Aziz Ansari, Seth Rogan, Don Rickles, and Andy Samberg will all come to Montreal to work their magic at the Just for Laughs Festival.

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