NHL Hockey Tickets

NHL Hockey Tickets

In truth, no other sport is as integral to Canada’s identity as hockey. While the sport enjoys a flourishing popularity in the United States, it is Canada that has made hockey a vital element of the country’s cultural consciousness.

This hockey season, get real close to a veritable clash of the titans with your NHL tickets.


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The National Hockey League rests on a foundation that consists of an illustrious history, a rabid fan base and incomparable prestige. Founded in Montreal following the dissolution of the National Hockey Association in 1917, the NHL is considered the premier hockey league in the world. For nearly a century, the league has broadened the appeal of professional hockey by producing talented players that boast unbridled ruthlessness and masterful intellect.

For a quarter of a century, only six teams formed the entirety of the NHL. Known as the Original Six, these teams were the Boston Bruins, the Chicago Blackhawks, the Detroit Red Wings, the Montreal Canadiens, the New York Rangers and the Toronto Maple Leafs. For years, these ferocious adversaries laid the groundwork of the NHL by consistently exhibiting stellar performances and intense gusto.

Today, the NHL features seven teams based in Canada and 23 teams based in the United States. These formidable teams are divided into the Eastern Conference (which features the Atlantic and Metropolitan divisions) and the Western Conference (which features the Pacific and Central divisions). The Canadiens are recognized as the most prosperous team in the league to date. Indeed, the Canadiens have won a grand total of 24 championships, thus cementing their status as the crown jewel of the NHL.

This hockey season, the bold competitors will once again go head-to-head for the glory of the esteemed Stanley Cup, which is known as the oldest professional sports trophy in North America. QualityPlusTickets.com has your pass to the heart-racing action! After all, at QualityPlusTickets.com, NHL tickets are our speciality!