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2014 Montreal Canadiens vs Vancouver Canucks

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More on Montreal Canadiens and Vancouver Canucks

When the Vancouver Canucks first started out, they faced numerous struggles that are typical for any new franchise. During the Canucks’ early days, they were merciless dominated by the Habs’. As the Canucks gradually established themselves as a force to be reckoned with, the Habs’ made sure that the Vancouverites never became too cocky by eliminating Vancouver from the postseason in the 1975 quarterfinals.

Since then, the two teams have never faced themselves in the playoffs. For many dedicated Canadian hockey fans, a dream Stanley Cup Final would be between the Habs and the Canucks. Not only would this matchup be fascinating due to the infrequency of the encounters between these two teams, but also because the Canucks surely must cling to a teeny bit of bad blood against the Montreal Canadiens, as they haven’t ever properly repaid the team for the devastating blow in 1975.

Who could deny the excitement of watching two of Canada’s strongest teams battle it out for Canada’s top team? Would hockey fans across the country be divided?

Right now, however, there’s nothing left to do but sit back and dream for the day when these two tycoons face each other in the ultimate battle for Canada.

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