CFL Grey Cup Tickets

CFL Grey Cup Tickets

The sheer anticipation you experience as you enter the hallowed grounds of the immense stadium. The deafening cries and thundering cheers. This year, the Grey Cup will be held at the Investors Group Field in Winnipeg on November 29th at 5pm.

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The extensive festivals leading up to the main event. The restlessness that you experience the night before the big game. Don’t miss as fans of all teams converge for a pilgrimage to the CFL GERY CUP SERIES for the defining chapter of the 2015 CFL Sseason!

The dazzling and brilliant illumination that produces the illusion of endless daylight. The unrivaled intensity and heart-pounding thrills. The glorious, celebratory aftermath.

Welcome to the Grey Cup!

The Grey Cup is the pinnacle of the Canadian Football League, and one of Canada’s largest annual sporting events. During the season, the teams push themselves to the peak of their abilities for the opportunity to play in the championship game. Winning means eternal glory, and the simple act of holding the Cup represents a defining moment for any player’s career. Naturally, the true worth of the trophy is derived from the significance attributed to it. In many respects, the Grey Cup acts as a culmination of the incalculable effort and training invested by various players.

The Cup itself was first awarded in 1909, and was commissioned by the Earl Grey, who was the ninth Governor General of Canada. The trophy has participated in its fair share of hiccups and misadventures; it has been broken on multiple occasions, stolen, held for ransom, survived a vicious fire, and has risked losing its worth due to severe financial difficulties in the league’s past. However, these difficulties have only enhanced the value of the trophy. The Grey Cup remains a prestigious honour, and its presence is enough to push a player father than they’ve ever gone before.

This marked the 16th occasion that the Grey Cup has been held in BC. The last time that the championship game was held in BC was during the 2011 season, when the Lions trampled the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

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