Houston Astros at Toronto Blue Jays
Monday May 18 2020, 12:00 am , Rogers Centre, Toronto, ON
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Security/Is this a secure website?

Quality Plus Tickets is a secure website. We take great care in making sure that all of your information is safe. We are both McAffee Secure and GoDaddy Verified and Secured. Your credit card is encrypted and transmitted via SSL. The small green padlock you see in the browser confirms this.

Where do these tickets come from?

All tickets on the Quality Plus Tickets website are posted by reputable ticket brokers from across North America. All affiliated ticket brokers follow a strict code of ethics and guarantee that the tickets you purchase are authentic.

Guarantee/Are there any guarantees?

Quality Plus Tickets offers a 100% money back guarantee. As members of the CTBA and NATB we adhere to there 200% guarantee. Day of Events? Want a last minute deal? No problem, A Quality Plus Tickets representative will help you with your order. For the most part, there are strategically placed pick up points near venues where you will securely be able to pick up your tickets.

Do the listed tickets differ from face value?

For the most part, the tickets you purchase at Quality Plus Tickets will be a different price then that printed on the ticket. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you will be paying more then the price on the ticket. We work hard to get you the best tickets available and for that there is a price.

Why do I have to pay a service charge?

Service charges are the cost of doing business. It covers the manpower, shipping, website upkeep, taxes etc. It saves you from having to do all the hard work and allows you to sit in your living room and order the best tickets available while we make sure they get to you effortlessly.

Where are the seat numbers?

You will be provided with seat numbers once your order has been fully processed. We cannot, however guarantee the exact seat number.

Seating/Are the seats together?

Unless otherwise specified, all tickets posted at Quality Plus Tickets are side by side.

Delivery/How will I receive my tickets?

Your tickets will be sent out to you either via Canada Post or FedEx. Once your order is processed you will receive an email confirmation with your delivery method tracking number. Quality Plus Tickets guarantees that you will receive your tickets on time and as ordered.

E-tickets/What are e-tickets?

E-tickets are an electronic form of tickets that are sent via e-mail. When e-tickets are available we will send them to you if the proper documents are completed.

Cancellation/What happens if the event is cancelled?

If an event that you purchased tickets for has been cancelled, Quality Plus Tickets will give you a full refund minus shipping costs. If the event is postponed you will use your tickets purchased for that event. If the new date is not good for you then we will do our best to work with you. However, we do not guarantee a refund on a postponed show.

Why am I paying in US funds when I am seeing an event in Canada?

For the most part, the tickets we purchase come from the United States even if the event is in Canada. You will note however, that while you pay in US funds, you do not pay Canadian taxes on your purchase.

Why do I have to put a company name if I live in Quebec?

Quebec recently passed a law making it illegal for individual Quebec consumers to purchase off of websites. You may however purchase on behalf of your company.

100% Guarantee

All tickets purchased from Quality Plus Tickets website are backed by a 100% money back guarantee that guarantees you will receive the tickets you ordered on time. We take great care in making sure that all tickets are authentic and that you will not be left standing outside the venue with a ticket that will not allow you to gain access. Quality Plus Tickets has live representatives on call 24 hours a day. If something goes wrong simply call our toll free number at 1-888-937-0108 and a Quality Plus Tickets representative will be there to help you with whatever issue you might have. We will make sure that you either receive a full money back guarantee or an equal or better ticket to the event. At Quality Plus Tickets we take great pride in making sure every purchasing experience is a Quality one. Do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.

Section Row Price Tickets
524AL 11 $30.76
524AL 12 $30.76
535R 1 $50.5
141 4 $60.54 BUY TICKETS
Field Level Infield 115 7 $71.63 BUY TICKETS
129L 4 $71.55 BUY TICKETS
128L 19 $71.5 BUY TICKETS
221R 2 $74.8 BUY TICKETS
220R 3 $74.55 BUY TICKETS
129R 8 $77 BUY TICKETS
129L 3 $78.89 BUY TICKETS
115R 23 $81.52 BUY TICKETS
220L 3 $81.9 BUY TICKETS
129R 14 $82.5 BUY TICKETS
114L 5 $82.62 BUY TICKETS
114R 5 $84.7 BUY TICKETS
113AL 3 $87.11 BUY TICKETS
127L 9 $86.8 BUY TICKETS
116L 19 $88 BUY TICKETS
128L 14 $88.2 BUY TICKETS
216R 2 $88.2 BUY TICKETS
116R 15 $88.2 BUY TICKETS
116R 16 $90.3 BUY TICKETS
128L 6 $90.3 BUY TICKETS
120L 7 $90
114L 6 $90.75 BUY TICKETS
128L 13 $92.4 BUY TICKETS
118L 21 $92.4 BUY TICKETS
115R 19 $93.5 BUY TICKETS
119R 20 $93.5 BUY TICKETS
116R 11 $93.45 BUY TICKETS
113DL 1 $95.99 BUY TICKETS
115R 6 $95.55 BUY TICKETS
117R 20 $96.8 BUY TICKETS
118R 21 $96.8 BUY TICKETS
121R 22 $96.6 BUY TICKETS
116R 17 $99 BUY TICKETS
114L 4 $99.1 BUY TICKETS
128L 14 $99.92 BUY TICKETS
115 11 $99.99
122L 22 $102.9 BUY TICKETS
125L 25 $103.79 BUY TICKETS
116L 19 $105.05 BUY TICKETS
119L 20 $105.6 BUY TICKETS
125R 19 $105.6 BUY TICKETS
128R 9 $105.6 BUY TICKETS
126L 22 $108.35 BUY TICKETS
125L 26 $109.29 BUY TICKETS
125L 20 $110 BUY TICKETS
118L 20 $110 BUY TICKETS
118L 18 $111.1 BUY TICKETS
123R 20 $112.2 BUY TICKETS
117L 18 $113.3 BUY TICKETS
127L 17 $114.4 BUY TICKETS
125L 17 $115.5 BUY TICKETS
117L 17 $115.5 BUY TICKETS
125L 19 $119.9 BUY TICKETS
125R 20 $121 BUY TICKETS
118L 17 $122.1 BUY TICKETS
119L 19 $122.1 BUY TICKETS
538L 20 $131.25 BUY TICKETS
509L 29 $131.25 BUY TICKETS
113CR 1 $135.52
125L 15 $135.3 BUY TICKETS
126L 17 $138.6 BUY TICKETS
126R 16 $145.2 BUY TICKETS
113CL 1 $156.31
118L 15 $157.14
118L 14 $177.1
119R 17 $194.56