Weezer Tickets
Weezer Tickets

A co-headlining tour involving Weezer and the Pixies appears to be one of the most unexpected collaborations in music history but, upon closer inspection, the association seems like a perfectly natural match made in heaven. After all, both bands are considered seminal acts of their respective generations. Indeed, through innovative tunes and dynamic styles, Weezer and the Pixies became voices for coming-of-age audiences. As such, their music is inextricably linked to the development of an era, thus transforming this co-headlining trek into a nostalgic feast. Get a seat at the table of this feast by purchasing Weezer and Pixies tickets for venues such as Montreal’s Bell Centre and Vancouver’s Rogers Arena.

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While both acts are no strangers to surrealism, in the case of Weezer, it seems positively surreal that it has been nearly a quarter-century since the California-bred musicians crashed onto the music scene with their triple-platinum self-titled debut album (and its singles “Buddy Holly”, “Undone – The Sweater Song”, and “Say It Ain’t So”). But while Weezer are currently gearing up for the release of their twelfth studio effort, the glimmer of youthful vigor in the band’s music endures, even after all these years. Rivers Cuomo and Co. are all grown up but, when the anthemic clapping of “Beverly Hills” commences during a concert, their ageless vitality and zeal are on full display. For concertgoers, a blast from the past has never been so tangible. Meanwhile, the Pixies have made a legacy through surrealism. A vital component of the rise of alternative rock in the early-1990s, the music legends are recognized for their singular song structures and eccentric lyrics (which discussed everything from aliens to incest). In addition, the Pixies are credited for popularizing stop-start timing, hushed verses, and explosive choruses – elements that became staples of the alternative rock scene. To this day, they remain an anomaly in the music industry – despite relatively modest album sales, the band boasts an incomparable legacy, an enduring popularity, and a certification as one of the most influential acts of all time. But while the Pixies inspired countless artists, their sound remains entirely their own. Indeed, try as some musicians might to emulate the sound of 1988’s Surfer Rosa or 1989’s Dootlittle, nobody does the Pixies like the Pixies.
Now, these alternative rock deities are embarking on a 22-date spring trek that will offer the best of both worlds for music aficionados. Seeing these two exceptional bands share the stage is sure to be an exciting experience like no other. Looking for top-notch Weezer and Pixies tickets? Look no further than QualityPlusTickets.com, your source for the best Weezer and Pixies tickets around. Whether you’re looking for front-row Weezer and Pixies tickets or cheap Weezer and Pixies tickets, QualityPlusTickets.com has you covered! QualityPlusTickets.com prides itself on combining quality Weezer and Pixies tickets with exceptional service. Simply browse Weezer and Pixies concert schedule and select the venue that best suits your needs! Can’t find the Weezer and Pixies tickets you’re looking for? Simply call 1-888-937-0108 and a representative will be happy to assist you with your Weezer and Pixies tickets.

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